Description of what we offer:


Design & Consultation: 

We will meet with you and discuss your requirements and your expectations from this we will determine the process to be taken in steps to facilitate your project. We will then document a "road map" to be followed by your project coordinator or integrator. We can create a bid sheet as well with equipment lists & specifics for project estimates. We can act as your liaison with AV Integrators, Sub Contractors, & Architects. We can also follow your project through to completion and oversee the "sign-off" before final payment is made. In this process we become responsible for the outcome of your project.


Project Management:

We will run your current project for you onsite as well as attend all necessary procedural meetings. This would include, job-site project meetings, architectural meetings, progress meetings, inspections and client progress reports. We will maintain a job schedule that can be shared with all individuals involved in your project via email or fax. often projects will have a board or governing body presiding over its fiscal aspects we can attend these functions as well.


Sales & Installation:

If your project has already been designed we can provide you with an estimate that will cover procurement of equipment as well as installation. If you already have your equipment we can provide you an estimate to install it. We are insured & licensed for low voltage installations and have extensive background in all facets of the construction process. We have a knowledge of suspended speaker systems and can provide drawings for proposed "flown" systems. We use only accepted methods for installations of this type. We are certified by NSI/Leviton for programming and installing lighting control systems. We specialize in integration with existing systems and compliance with local fire and safety codes.

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